What is a Rollover Car Accident?

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA estimates that rollover accidents are responsible for about 10,000 traffic fatalities each year. A rollover accident refers to a type of motor vehicle crash that is caused by a vehicle turning over on its side or flipping upside down. The vehicles that are most prone to these types of accidents are SUVs or any other vehicle that are larger, taller, and have a center of gravity that is higher up from the ground.

The main reason behind rollover accidents is the inherent stability issues that SUVs, 4-wheelers, and other similar vehicles have. Given that these types of vehicles both have a higher vertical clearance and a center of gravity that’s farther from the ground, they become prone to instability when making sharp turns or abrupt lane changes in narrow roads. These risks could further become compounded by mechanical defects and problems with the car’s original design. It is particularly because of flaws in a vehicle’s design that many car manufacturers have issued recalls for their SUVs and 4-wheel vehicles. For the year 2015, General Motors recalled nearly 780,000 of their crossover SUVs due to issues with its gas struts.

The recent years have seen plenty of car manufacturers making great effort to minimize the risk of SUVs and similar vehicles by installing safety features. However, many of the SUVs that are driven out by individuals are older models that have yet to be outfitted with safety functions. This leaves both drivers and passengers vulnerable to the devastating consequences that could happen due to rollover accidents. If you or anyone you know has been injured in a car crash caused by a rollover incident, do not hesitate to seek out legal counsel to learn more about your options. Contact a qualified personal injury attorney to know more about the legal avenues available for you.

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